In FlyFall, my first mobile game, players fall through the air, tapping to open each gate at the right moment and dodging left and right with the accelerometer. Players have the option of spending their in-game coins to customizing the visuals of the game, choosing from over 20 bird characters, 6 themes, and 12 obstacle styles, producing over 1,440 combinations. FlyFall is not currently on the App Store, but while it was, it received over 2,500 downloads and a five-star average rating.

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Gravity Dunk

Gravity Dunk is my newest game, and is currently in talks with publishing companies. In the game, players tap the screen to reverse the world's gravity, flying their basketball up and down through a futuristic, neon landscape. Players' goal is to avoid the myriad obstacles while scoring their ball through as many hoops as they can. The game includes a main endless mode, in addition to dozens of challenge levels. The game includes an original soundtrack composed by me with four electronic pieces. So far, the game has over 2,000 downloads and an average 4.6 star rating.

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Duskfall is my most successful game yet. I worked with a publishing company called Nanovation to promote the game to a wider audience. The game was also featured on the front page of the App Store in over 150 countries upon release. These two factors have led to the game accumulating over 75,000 downloads worldwide. In Duskfall, players must think circularly: they tap the screen to reverse the direction of their ball's orbit in order to avoid tricky obstacles. Players can unlock three levels with new visuals and progressively harder obstacles, each level accompanied by an original soundtrack.

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