My name is Noah Covey, and I'm a high school student living in Atlanta, Georgia.

I love creating things. I develop mobile games, design websites, play and write music, and more. I love dabbling in new fields and learning new skills whenever I can.

I founded my own game development studio, Quantum Cat Games, under which I've released two mobile games on the App Store and am currently working on another. Last year, I attended Apple's WWDC as a scholarship winner.

My games were developed in Swift, and I also know Java, C#, JavaScript, and Python. I built this site using HTML, CSS, and jQuery (JS).

Some of the tools I use include Xcode, Unity 3D, Inkscape, Garageband, and Final Cut Pro X.

Over the summer of 2018, I was an intern in the VR Lab at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI).

Currently, I am a tech intern at the organization OurVoteNow, whose mission is to get more young Americans to register and vote.

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50Fifty ( displays forecasts for upcoming U.S. elections at all levels of government. 50Fifty's predictions are based on a machine learning model trained on data including past results, demographics, fundraising, and incumbency.

My newest mobile game is Gravity Dunk, a futuristic game where players flip the world's gravity in order to avoid obstacles and score through hoops.

Duskfall, a peaceful yet challenging mobile game, was published by Nanovation Labs. It was featured on the App Store in 100+ countries and has recieved over 75,000 downloads on the App Store and Google Play Store.

At my GTRI internship, I developed an AR application demonstrating my research into AI planning systems. In the app, an AI bot builds a target structure, chosen by the user, out of blocks autonomously. See my presentation here.

I've worked on redesigning OurVoteNow's website and developing the Voter Helper Tool, which guides citizens to personalized voting and registration instructions. Recently, I developed a website to display Georgia voter turnout data based on a variety of variables.

In FlyFall, my first mobile game, players fall through the air, tapping to open each gate at the right moment and dodging left and right with the accelerometer.

I designed the original website for my robotics team in HTML, CSS, and JS. As Lead Programmer and current President, I have helped our team advance to the world championships two years in a row and win multiple awards.

On my Soundcloud, I upload some of the music I create, including the soundtracks to my games, my band's original music, and a few covers I have done.

I created a documentary about street art in Atlanta for a school project. The film includes interviews with Atlanta artists, public art organizers, and city arts officials.

Ascent Math is the tutoring business I run with a few of my peers from school. In addition to regular tutoring during the semester, we offer summer math review sessions to prepare students for their next classes.


Feel free to get in touch with me.

Noah Covey